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EOS lenses Hazel color 1

EOS lenses Hazel color 1
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EOS lenses Hazel color 1

EOS Lenses Hazel 1

For lovers of calm and elegant calm colors, we offer EOS lenses hazelnut color 1 lenses that suit the calm romantic atmosphere and suit work and daily use times, in addition to being suitable for all skin tones, and you will get a special and unique look with EOS lenses color hazel 1 while enjoying the time without hindrance as the lenses have flexibility High suitable for daily movement.

Advantages of EOS Lenses Hazel 1

The percentage of water in the composition of the lens is 38%.

It allows small pores to enter the oxygen in the lens wall.

The diameter of the lens is 14.5 cm.

The lens base curve is 8.6mm.

It prevents harmful sun rays from reaching the eyes.

Usable daily for 6 months from the beginning of use.

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