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EOS ivory color lenses 2

EOS ivory color lenses 2
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EOS ivory color lenses 2

EOS Lenses Ivory 2 

EOS lenses, ivory color 2, for a distinctive modern look that makes you always shine among your friends, with this charming color for bolder eyes.

 Features of EOS Lenses Ivory 2  

Get new looks and beautiful eyes with EOS lenses in this charming ivory color. 
Cosmetic lenses for monthly use only. 
Lens Base Curve: 8.6. Lens 
Diameter: 14.5 mm Water
 content: 38% Lens Material: Polymacon Oxygen. 
permeability rate: 8.4 UV 
blocking rate 40%. 
The combination of gray and ivory tones gives your eyes a delicate feminine look. 
The lens design has a light colored ring around the iris of the lens to give it the appearance of a natural eye. 
Easy to use and you can sterilize it with the lens sterilization solution.

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