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EOS Blue lenses

EOS Blue lenses
EOS Blue lenses

EOS lenses are blue color

EOS blue lenses have a global fame, as the EOS brand is always keen to provide the best colors inspired by the charming nature, and the EOS blue lenses are inspired by the color of the Pacific Ocean for lovers of calm and charming beauty, they are suitable for comfortable and calm social personalities at the same time, suitable for daily use and special occasions.

EOS lens features blue color

Perfect natural blue color with dark rings around the lens.

High flexibility for daily use gives the eyes the desired comfort.

It allows oxygen penetration, making it suitable for people with sensitive eyes.

It protects the eyes from dirt, dust and harmful sunlight, as it is manufactured with the best technology.

It contains a large percentage of water and provides the eye with the required moisture throughout the period of wearing it.

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