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EOS Ivory Lenses 1

EOS Ivory Lenses 1
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EOS Ivory Lenses 1

EOS Lenses Ivory 1

EOS lenses ivory color 1 provides the eye with a romantic touch full of delicate femininity, it is suitable for all skin tones, and is characterized by the strength of color that is not affected by many other factors such as light, the basic eye color, you will get the color you want what EOS lenses are, with a feeling of comfort throughout The period of wearing the lenses, as they are made of the latest technology used in the manufacture of the best types of lenses.

Advantages of EOS Lenses Ivory 1

Made in Korea with high quality.

Valid for daily use for 6 months after opening the package.

Containing 38% water, the eyes get the hydration they need.

The diameter of the lens is 14.2 cm.

The package contains a pair of lenses with a solution for preserving and sterilizing the lenses.

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