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Amara - Colored Lenses - Royal Blue

Amara - Colored Lenses - Royal Blue
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Amara - Colored Lenses - Royal Blue

Colored Contact Lenses Royal Blue from Amara

Royal Blue lenses have a breathtaking color that catches the eye, as the lens color consists of a special and unique mixture of the strong blue ocean color and the distinctive turquoise color This special mixture adds unique and charming shades around the eye lens and this type of lens is preferred by many lens lovers, it adds a natural look More for the eye, as it is characterized by the blue color suitable for all skin types with a special touch of turquoise that adds a bright touch.

Characteristics of colored contact lenses Royal Blue from Amara
The lens is usable monthly, and it must be changed a month after opening the package.
Usable daily.
It contains a large percentage of water, which keeps the eyes moist, 38%.
The diameter of the lens is 14.6 cm.
The lens diameter curve is 8.8 mm.

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