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Amara - colored lenses - mocha

Amara - colored lenses - mocha
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Amara - colored lenses - mocha

Colored Contact Lenses Mocha from Amara

Mocha Amara lenses, characterized by a unique brown color that gives a special and distinctive look, as the lens consists of a mixture of light and dark brown shades, which gives the eye a more natural and elegant shape, and makes it suitable for all times and occasions as it is a practical lens for daily use and working hours All day long, in addition to that, it is made from the best materials and materials that protect the eyes from harmful sun rays.

Characteristics of colored lenses Mocha from Amara

It gives a natural, non-artificial appearance.

The validity of using the lens is a full month, starting from opening the package.

The lens is made of 38% water, which helps moisturize the eyes.

Eye load from UV rays.

Suitable for people with sensitive and dry eyes.

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