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Amara - Colored Lenses - Burned Cinemon

Amara - Colored Lenses - Burned Cinemon
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Amara - Colored Lenses - Burned Cinemon

Colored Contact Lenses Black Cinemon from Amara

The Amara brand is considered one of the best international brands of lenses that are characterized by high quality and conformity to all international quality specifications, and Black Cinemon lenses are considered one of the most natural lenses because of their distinctive attractive color that adds a modern, elegant and natural touch to the eyes, in addition to that they are suitable for daily use, and safe Perfectly on the eyes, especially those with sensitive eyes.

Advantages of Amara Black Cinemon colored lenses
Monthly lenses suitable for daily use and working times, and also suitable for night occasions.
Contains 38% water from lens components.
The diameter of the lens is 14.6 cm.
The lens diameter is 8.8 mm.
The main component of the lens is a completely eye-safe component poly material.
It comes in a package that includes a lens solution.
Lenses must be changed a month after the start of use.

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