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Amara - color lenses - Panther I.

Amara - color lenses - Panther I.
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Amara - color lenses - Panther I.

Colored lenses Panthera from Amara

Amara lenses are considered one of the best lenses that occupied a distinguished place in the world of cosmetic lenses, and Amara Panther Eye lenses are one of the best distinctive colors in this group, as they are distinguished by the attractive color inspired by nature, in addition to that it gives the eye a natural, non-artificial shape, in addition to being distinguished by the quality Industry and use of the best materials that are completely safe on the eye.

Characteristics of colored lenses Panther Eye from Amara
It contains 39% water.
Lens diameter: 14.5 cm.
Lens Base Curve: 8.8mm.
The lenses are valid for monthly use, and can be used on a daily basis while adhering to safety instructions.
Colored cosmetic lenses consist of two lenses, with a preservation solution with the product to protect the lenses.
She holds a permit from the World Food and Drug Organization.

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