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Amara - color lenses - Olive Gray

Amara - color lenses - Olive Gray
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Amara - color lenses - Olive Gray

Colored Contact Lenses Olive Gray from Amara

Amara Olive Gray lenses, one of the best lenses for lovers of the distinctive Olive Gray color, which adds a charming and attractive shape to the eye, and the lenses are well suited for people with sensitive eyes, and are made of the best materials that are safe on the eyes, making them the best lenses for daily use.

Characteristics of colored contact lenses Olive Gray from Amara
Monthly use colored lenses, and they can be worn on a daily basis.
The lens curve is 8.7 mm.
The lens is made of safe polycacon material.
The lens contains a large proportion of water, 38%.
The product consists of two lenses, each lens in separate boxes, with a solution intended for preserving the lenses, and each lens with the same specifications and visual strength.

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