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Lens me - olivin colored lenses

Lens me - olivin colored lenses
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Lens me - olivin colored lenses

Colored Contact Lenses Olivine from Lens Me

Lens me olivine lenses are special charming lenses consisting of a unique mixture of oily shades that combines green and honey that combines beauty, calm and softness, it is suitable for all times with light and simple makeup, this piece should be with every modern woman who loves change and loves the challenge

Advantages of lens me Olivine colored lenses

Its ultra-soft touch makes it comfortable for you to move around.

It allows oxygen to reach the eye, which helps get rid of red eye and makes it clear.

Water content of 38% to protect the eyes from dryness and sensitivity.

It has a thin, transparent layer on the outside that protects the lens from dust and external impurities.

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