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Lens me - gray colored lenses

Lens me - gray colored lenses
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Lens me - gray colored lenses

Colored Gray from Lens Me

Lens Me is one of the brands that has a global reputation in the manufacture of loading lenses that conform to all industry standards and hygienic production, and Lens Me Gray is one of the best lenses in this group, as it is characterized by a light gray color with a simple mixture of turquoise that appears in the form of a dark ring that gives The eye is the desired natural shape that defines lens me lenses.

The characteristics of lens me gray colored lenses

She is certified by the American and Saudi Food and Drug Organization.

The diameter of the lens is 14.2 cm.

The lens base curve is 8.5mm.

High oxygen permeability.

Suitable for continuous daily use for 3 months with a contact lens solution.

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