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Lens me - color lenses cafe

Lens me - color lenses cafe
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Lens me - color lenses cafe

Caffe colored lenses from Lens Me

Lens me lenses in sufficient color are characterized by a strong color with a dark ring around the iris of the eye, which is responsible for showing the eye naturally and not artificially, in addition to this, these lenses give the eyes a wider shape to get a special look for occasions and work times, as they make makeup look more elegant.

Sufficient properties of lens me tinted lenses

Lens diameter 14.2.

The lens base curve is 8.2mm.

The percentage of water inside the lens is 38%.

It has daily use for three months and comes with a preservative solution.

It provides a feeling of complete comfort throughout the day due to its softness and elastic material.

It provides complete eye protection, blocking harmful sun rays, and preventing dust and dirt.

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