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Lens me - brown colored lenses

Lens me - brown colored lenses
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Lens me - brown colored lenses

Colored contact lenses Brown from Lens Me

Brown lenses from lens me, give the eye a special and unique look, the lenses are characterized by a light brown color supported by a dark ring that helps to show the eyes naturally, not artificial, in addition to that they are completely safe on the eyes as they are made of the best international materials suitable for sensitive and dry eyes, And to add an aesthetic touch to the eyes.

The characteristics of brown contact lenses from Lens Me

The diameter of the lens is 14.2 cm.

The lens base curve is 8.6mm.

It contains 38% water.

Allows oxygen to pass into the eye's natural lens.

Protects the eyes from dust and atmospheric impurities, in addition to harmful UV rays.

The product contains two lenses with a lens preservation solution.

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