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QV - Lip Moisturizer - 15 g

QV - Lip Moisturizer - 15 g
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QV - Lip Moisturizer - 15 g

QV Lip Balm - 15 gm

Lips need daily moisturizing, otherwise they will crack and become dehydrated, which may affect their natural shape and color, and QV lip balm 15 g is the best natural moisturizer to get the best moisturizing result and quick treatment of chapped and dry lips.

Q benefits of lip balms

Moisturizer that helps treat dry lips and provide them with the needed moisture on a daily basis.

It does not contain any chemical fragrances or fragrances.

Contains a percentage of sunscreen.

It helps to get rid of severe dehydration in a short time.

It does not contain any colorants nor does it contain any flavors.

It can be used at any time or applied before applying makeup to isolate the makeup layer from the skin.

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