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L'Oréal Gray Crystal Lenses

L'Oréal Gray Crystal Lenses
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L'Oréal Gray Crystal Lenses

Lenses, crystal gray from loroyal

With lenses, crystal gray from Loreal, enjoy a distinctive and unique color that is not affected by the degree of dark colors, you can catch everyone's eyes, while adding an aesthetic touch to the eyes with special make-up.

Advantages of loroyal gray crystal lenses

The eye provides the required moisture throughout the wear period, even for long hours.

It features a soft, flexible surface that is comfortable for the eyes.

It provides the eye with clear vision as it contains a transparent layer and prevents the formation of deposits.

Allows oxygen in to avoid red eyes.

Made from materials that are completely safe for the eyes and suitable for dry and sensitive eyes.

It contains 38% water, it is one of the best lenses that provides the required moisture.

Natural colors from a special mixture of crystal and gray with a dark eye ring.

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