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L'Oréal - Fantasia Orchid lenses

L'Oréal - Fantasia Orchid lenses
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L'Oréal - Fantasia Orchid lenses

Lenses Fantasia Orchid From Le Royal

L'Oréal Fantasia Orchid lenses give you a royal look with a distinctive gray color with a dark ring around the lens that gives a more magical dimension to the eye, and L'Oreal lenses are made of the best materials and materials that are completely safe on the eyes and have high flexibility that makes them suitable for daily use and frequent movement.

Characteristics of lenses Fantasia Orchid from Loroyal

Contains 38% water, which provides the required moisture to the eyes.

The diameter of the lens is 14.2 cm.

The curved diameter of the lens is 8.6 mm.

It allows oxygen to penetrate through small pores.

It protects the eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, especially for those who suffer from sensitive eyes.

It has a transparent layer to prevent deposits on the lens.

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