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L'Oréal - Dream Gray Lenses

L'Oréal - Dream Gray Lenses
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L'Oréal - Dream Gray Lenses

Lenses Dream Gray from Loroyal

If you enjoy a calm and soft romantic personality, then L'Oreal Dream gray lenses will grab your heart at first sight, night lenses suitable for romantic evenings and special occasions, with a strong gray color that suits dark and light eyes, and adds a special touch to your look, making you the focus of attention around you with your beauty and elegance.

Advantages of Dream Gray lenses from Loroyal

Perfect natural look for all skin types.

Safe on the eyes and does not cause sensitivity or redness.

Great oxygen permeability.

High elasticity and softness, making it suitable for a lot of movement.

The percentage of water in the lens is 38%, which helps moisturize the eye.

The diameter of the lens is 14.6 cm.

The lens base curve is 8.6 cm.

The validity of the use is three months from the first use.

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