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L'Oréal - Dream Blue Lenses

L'Oréal - Dream Blue Lenses
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L'Oréal - Dream Blue Lenses

Lenses dream blue from loroyal

L'Oreal Dream blue lenses are designed to suit day and work times, as they contain a thin layer that protects the lens from any sediments in addition to the strength of color that makes it very suitable for people with dark eyes, with the addition of a bright touch to the skin more broadly to the eyes thanks to the dark ring that adds a natural feeling.

Advantages of blue dream lenses from Loroyal

It provides complete eye comfort throughout the day due to its flexible, soft nature suitable for all eyes, especially dry eyes.

Contains 38% water to provide the needed hydration to the eyes throughout the day.

Made from the best materials that are safe on the eyes to avoid redness or irritation.

It comes with a special solution to sterilize and preserve the lenses.

It has a high oxygen permeability.

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