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Brand: Bella Model: عدسات
Bella Elite colored lenses, silky greenBella Elite colored lenses green, silky, increase the beauty of your eyes and make you more feminine and attractive, with a wonderful elegant look that dazzles everyone.Features of Bella Elite colored lenses, silky greenEnhances the beauty of your eyes and give..
180.00 ريال
Brand: Dahab Model: مكياج ذهب
Dahab 8 Color Face Highlighter MulticolorSet of 8 gold liner colors for multiple uses, suitable for all skin types and giving the best result and perfect coverage of eye make-up, completely safe for owners of sensitive skin thanks to its creamy texture that facilitates the blending process, gives th..
75.00 ريال 150.00 ريال
Model: مكياج
Dahab The Beauty Life 18 Color Eyeshadow Palette MulticolorBeauty Life eyeshadow palette includes 18 colors, ranging from calm colors to loud colors, for an endless choice of eyeshadows that suit every look and every occasion, the colors range between purple, rose red, shiny copper shades, in muted ..
180.00 ريال
Model: العناية
Derma Roller 4 in 1 Kit This 4-in-1 derma roller kit contains 3 tips that effectively reduce sagging skin and give you a firmer and gorgeous complexion. Features of the 4 in 1 Derma Roller Kit It has an effective ability to reduce sagging and give you more youthful and vibrant skin.&n..
120.00 ريال
Model: العناية
Egyptian Magic Cream 118 mlEgyptian Magic Cream is a multi-use cream that was first produced in 1991 and since that time it has achieved a great position in the world of cosmetics, it is considered an essential product that provides complete care and care for the body and skin as it replaces many co..
230.00 ريال
Brand: Lens me Model: عدسات
Caffe colored lenses from Lens MeLens me lenses in sufficient color are characterized by a strong color with a dark ring around the iris of the eye, which is responsible for showing the eye naturally and not artificially, in addition to this, these lenses give the eyes a wider shape to get a special..
180.00 ريال
Brand: Lens me Model: عدسات
Colored contact lenses Mist from Lens MeLenses Mist from Lens Me is a charming mixture of gray color mixed professionally with brown color with the addition of a dark iris ring around the eye that adds a royal feeling and a wider and more beautiful shape to the eye as it gives you a natural, non-art..
180.00 ريال
Model: عناية
QV skin moisturizing cream - 500 gmQV Moisturizing Cream 500g for people who suffer from very dry skin, especially in the winter season, as it provides all the necessary materials and elements that the skin needs to maintain the moisture content, as the lack of proper moisturizing of the skin leads ..
171.00 ريال
Brand: The Balm Model: مكياج
theBalm Meet Matte Hughes Set of 6 Mini Lipsticks Limited Edition:Introducing the Meet Matt(e) Hughes mini set from theBalm Cosmetics, featuring six brand new shades of our truly loyal liquid lipstick.A unique set of 6 colors of liquid lipstick, quick drying, long-lasting hold and mint flavor.set of..
138.00 ريال
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