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EOS Brown Lenses 3

EOS Brown Lenses  3
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EOS Brown Lenses 3

EOS Lenses Brown 3

EOS lenses brown color 3, lenses are characterized by a light brown color with dark rings around the lens that add a charming natural touch to the eye in addition to highlighting the shape of the eyes more broadly, EOS lenses have certificates and permits in more than 20 countries in addition to the US Food and Drug Organization certification.

EOS Lenses Features Brown 3

It contains a large degree of moisture, which helps protect the eyes from dryness in the event of wearing the lenses for long periods.

 It allows oxygen to enter the eye throughout the day, which protects the eye from redness and infections.

The diameter of the lens is 14.5.

The curved diameter of the lens is 8.5 mm.

The percentage of water in the lens is 38%.

It contains a transparent layer to prevent the formation of dust or any dust on the outside of the lens.

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