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Blue Mark Polo Set

Blue Mark Polo Set
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Blue Mark Polo Set

Blue Mark Polo Set

Blue Mark Polo Set contains a watch, a cupcake, a pen from the most luxurious international brands, Mark Polo brand, and an elegant rosary, in a luxurious leather box, the address of elegance and luxury gifts.

Features of Blue Mark Polo Set

The set contains a round watch with a blue leather strap and a blue screen with a one year warranty.
It also contains two pieces of elegant and luxurious round cupcakes in blue color for important occasions and parties, increasing your elegance.
Complementing the elegance of the set is a pen and rosary in a wonderful blue and copper color, for more elegance and luxury.
You can give this set to your friend for his birthday or get a promotion at work.
A luxurious and elegant kit that keeps you up to date with the latest fashion and international brands in the world of men's accessories
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