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Amara - color lenses - Wood Hazel

Amara - color lenses - Wood Hazel
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Amara - color lenses - Wood Hazel

Colored lenses, Wood Hazel from Amara

If you want to get a distinctive natural color from Amara, Wood Hazel lenses are the best choice, as the lenses consist of more charming hazel color and a light brown color, to produce a special mixture with dark side tips that help expand the eyes naturally, which increases the beauty of Al-Ain and adds a charming touch to the overall look.

Advantages of Amara Colored Contact lenses Wood Hazel

It is distinguished by its natural, non-artificial touch.

Strong color that does not affect eye color, suitable for all eyes.

The lenses are made of the best materials and materials that protect the eyes from irritation and dryness.

It also contains a concentration of 38% water.

The diameter of the lens is 14.1 cm.

The curved base is 8.8 cm.

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