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Black Gryphon Set

Black Gryphon Set
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Black Gryphon Set

Black Gryphone Set

Black Gryphone Set for the modern and elegant man who loves luxurious accessories that increase his elegance and attractiveness, the set contains a watch, pen and cupcake from the famous Marc Polo brand with a very distinctive rosary.

Features of Black Gryphone Set

Elegant and elegant set contains a round watch with a leather strap and a luxurious white screen with a one-year warranty.

The set also contains a wonderful black pen that makes you unique when writing with it or signing important papers.

In addition to a wonderful black  circular cupcake to suit all your clothes, especially on important occasions.

You can put the set in your office, car, or wardrobe and use it when needed, as it is kept in a very elegant leather box.

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