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Nature Flowers Deodorant 50 ml

Nature Flowers Deodorant 50 ml
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Nature Flowers Deodorant 50 ml


Deodorant from nature's flowers stops your body from producing unpleasant odors and not only covers them, but it also enhances the smell of the body itself by eliminating harmful bacteria that cause bad smell in sweat.

Product ingredients

Due to the formation of bacteria, especially with friction and temperatures in the summer, the Nature Flowers deodorant reduces the formation of bacteria that cause body odor by killing them.

Protects you from perspiration, as the deodorants from Nature's Flowers contain alcohol and some antimicrobial ingredients that prevent us from sweating.

It boosts your self-confidence as deodorants create magical and positive energy around you, which boosts your confidence level.

Nature's Flowers Deodorant provides you with long-lasting fragrance after daily use.

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