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Brand: GIVENCHY Model: عطر رجالي
Gentlemen Only is a fresh, modern version of the classic men’s fragrance, Gentleman, from 1974. It is an intense, masculine blend of woody, smoky, musky, and earth accords that come together to create an alluring fragrance that is perfect for any occasion or setting. The cologne opens with bright to..
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Brand: GIVENCHY Model: عطر رجالي
GIVENCHY Gentleman it's a perfect mixture between woody and earthy fragrance, gives you a gentle and elegant feeling, it's more likely to be used at night time...
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Brand: GIVENCHY Model: عطر رجالي
A luxurious woody spicy fragrance for men. It contains spicy black pepper and coriander then followed by worm cuddle between cocoa and iris then enhanced by woody notes of sandalwood and patchouli. The perfume is perfect for evening use...
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Brand: GIVENCHY Model: عطر رجالي
Gentleman is a versatile men’s fragrance that is an updated take on the brand’s classic men’s cologne by the same name. This modern interpretation blends sweet, spicy, green, woody, and floral accords to create a modern classic that is a perfect addition to any man’s cologne collection. It opens wit..
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Brand: GIVENCHY Model: عطر رجالي
Givenchy Gentlemen is a collection of three sensational scents; the woody, floral and dynamic. Givenchy Gentlemen Masculine is perfume for adventurous, energetic men. The combination of citrus, rosemary and iris will fill you up with powerful energy. The top notes are pear and cardamom. The heart no..
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Brand: GIVENCHY Model: عطر رجالي
Givenchy Gentlemen Only Absolute is a unique addition to Givenchy’s collection of oriental perfumes for men. The fragrance emanates warmth and sophistication due to its woody and spicy formation. The combination of sandalwood, cinnamon, vanilla and bergamot gives out a pleasant aroma. The opening is..
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Brand: GIVENCHY Model: عطر رجالي
Givenchy Insense Ultramarine an aromatic fruity fragrance for men. Live the moment with this attractive and classy perfume. It will keep you in a perfect mood all the day. Perfect for summertime...
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Brand: GIVENCHY Model: عطر رجالي
Oriental woody perfume Pi by the house of Givenchy is excellent for eternal explorers and fans of sensual experiments. Its geometric bottle with perfectly clear lines contains a woody, sensual scent. Basil, rosemary, tarragon and neroli introduce freshness into this generally warm, oriental composit..
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Givenchy - Men Perfume - Play Intense - 100ml Givenchy - Men Perfume - Play Intense - 100ml
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Brand: GIVENCHY Model: عطر رجالي
Givenchy Play Intense Black Perfume For Men EDT 100 mlThe scent of men's perfumes should be strong, and one of the best men's perfumes with a strong smell is Givenchy Play Intense black perfume for men. Toilette 100 ml, the fragrance of the fragrance begins with a mixture of bergamot and pink pepper..
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Brand: GIVENCHY Model: عطر رجالي
DescriptionGivenchy Pour Homme is a cologne designed in 2002 for the stylish gentleman. The scent opens with the citrus notes of mandarin orange and grapefruit accompanied by the floral violet and woody coriander. The middle notes include lavender extract and vetiver, a fragrant grass native to Indi..
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Brand: GIVENCHY Model: عطر رجالي
A fresh and calming fragrant for a buoyant man. Today’s man’s attitude and style are all embodied in this fragrance. It is a crisp scent for a carefree man. The scent is dynamic, fresh and woody. It the perfect combination of masculinity and coolness. The opening is fruity. Grapefruit and Bergamot g..
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Brand: GIVENCHY Model: عطر رجالي
Xeryus by Givenchy is an Aromatic irresistible fragrance designed especially to the self-confident men. It opens with lavender, green notes, and lily-of-the-valley melts in heart of cyclamen, sandalwood, cinnamon, and geranium on a base of leather, amber, musk, and cedar...
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