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Brand: AIGNER Model: عطر نسائي
Aragger Depot By Night For WomenAtarajner Depot by Night for women is one of the perfumes that women love most because of its distinctive and persistent scent that stays present for a long time, and it is one of the elegant perfumes that are very suitable for wearing in evenings at night.The feature..
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Brand: AIGNER Model: عطر رجالي
Surround yourself with the scent of leather. This cologne is uniquely masculine but also comes with an air of mystery. It opens with an array of strong scents, including grapefruit, bergamot, and orange. The heart contains oakmoss, pine tree, and mint. The base is where you find the leather notes al..
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Brand: AIGNER Model: عطر رجالي
Aigner Blue is a floral woody fragrance for men; this sensual cologne with a very unique, sparkling, classy notes and ingredients offers you an elegant and natural presence. The fragrance opens with a contrast of aromas presented in lemon, apple, and clove. At heart, the floral notes of lily-of-the-..
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Brand: AIGNER Model: عطر رجالي
Aigner First Class is an aromatic woody fragrance for men. This perfume gives you a unique and elegant feel, a refreshing scent you will fall in love with. This fragrance is inspired by a man sitting elegantly in an airplane's first-class seat. It is a blend of fresh and woody scents with a glimpse ..
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Brand: AIGNER Model: عطر رجالي
No. 1 Platinum is a new member of the ever so luxurious, modern, and captivating aromas of Etienne Aigner's No. 1 collection. Aigner's No. 1 Platinum is an oriental woody fragrance for men; fresh, spicy, warm, masculine, and captivating top notes of artemisia, cedar leaf, pepper & bergamot. Hear..
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Brand: AIGNER Model: عطر رجالي
Aigner No 1 Intense by Etienne Aigner is a Woody Spicy fragrance for men. This is a new fragrance. Aigner No 1 Intense was launched in 2013. Top note is citruses; middle notes are cinnamon, and amber; base notes are agarwood (oud), vetiver, and patchouli. This suave fragrance is inspired by middle e..
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Brand: AIGNER Model: عطر رجالي
Aigner N°1 Oud is Etienne Aigner’s latest addition to the AIGNER N°1 collection, which already includes four fragrances. The new version—Oud is inspired by the Middle East and is the embodiment of luxury, quality, and modernity. However, the perfume continues the traditions of the house of Aigner an..
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Brand: AIGNER Model: عطر رجالي
This classic luxurious fascinating masculine perfume was designed with a blend from the best luxury perfumes to give you a strong and attractive appearance in all your special evenings. The perfume is enriched with scents of cinnamon and wormwood with spicy ginger atoms carried on the necks of the o..
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Brand: AIGNER Model: عطر رجالي
Your choice for an unique earthy masculine scent. It's a fragrance for men, launched in 1992 as a fresh fougère scent. The top notes are basil, bergamot, galbanum, neroli, lavender, and fruity notes. The heart notes include carnation, jasmine, rose, clary sage, and fir and for the base, amber, musk,..
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Brand: AIGNER Model: عطر رجالي
Aigner White Man by Etienne Aigner is a Woody Floral Musk fragrance for men. Aigner White Man was launched in 2007. Top notes are basil, cardamom, coriander, and grapefruit; middle notes are melon, violet, and lily-of-the-valley; base notes are musk, amber, vetiver, and oakmoss. A floral fragrance, ..
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Brand: AIGNER Model: عطر رجالي
It's a citrus, floral, woody fragrance that was launched in 1997 as a unisex scent of aromatic notes of oange, rose, aromatic and woody notes...
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Brand: AIGNER Model: عطر نسائي
Cara Mia is a classic fragrance for a special woman with elegant and fabulous fresh ingredients. Top notes are bergamot, fresh mandarine, and aromatic coriander, with a hint of black pepper providing an irresistible counterpoint. The heart note is the feminine essence of jasmine, peach, and iris. Th..
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